Undergraduate Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Admission Procedures

ASU Students admitted to degree programs in any field are eligible. Once you have been accepted into an appropriate degree program at ASU, you may apply directly to ACMRS for admission into the certificate program. Apply online here.

More information can be found here Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Certificate for Undergraduate Students

Requirements for Undergraduate Students

In addition to the course-work and examinations required in your major field of interest, you are responsible for fulfilling the following minimum requirements to earn a certificate:

  • 1. Two semesters (6–8 credits) of Classical Latin or Biblical Hebrew
  • 2. Two semesters (6–8 credits) of either Classical/Medieval Latin, Biblical Hebrew,
    or of a vernacular language of the period (e.g., Old English, Old Norse, Old French, Renaissance Italian). must be upper division
  • 3. Two semesters (6 credits) of upper-division course work (300-level or above) in medieval and Renaissance studies outside your major discipline.
  • 4. A thesis of approximately 20-25 pages in length written within your major discipline for an upper-division course on a topic concerning the Middle Ages or Renaissance. Students may earn 3 course credits for the thesis if taken as an individualized instruction course (e.g., ENG 499, HST 499, REL 499 at ASU), and the thesis may be used to fulfill the Honors College thesis requirement for students enrolled in the Honors College.
  • 5. A minimum of a "C" in all course work leading to the certificate.

Credit in medieval and Renaissance Latin may be obtained through regular course work or independent study. Credit may also be earned through independent study in connection with weekly meetings of the ACMRS Latin Study Group. Credit in paleography may be obtained by enrolling in one of two paleography courses offered online by ACMRS. Credit in medieval Latin and paleography may also be obtained through other institutions, such as the Institute of Medieval Studies at the University of Notre Dame, which offers annual summer school courses in both subjects, or the University of Wisconsin, which offers a correspondence course in medieval Latin. If students take medieval Latin and paleography from other institutions, M.A. students can transfer the two-semesters' worth of credit (6 credit hours) without it affecting the length of their program; Ph.D. students who have already transferred 30 hours of M.A. credit, however, will have to have as many as 9 credit hours (3 semesters) above and beyond the 54 additional ones required for the degree.