ACMRS Faculty Fellows Program

Note: The ACMRS Faculty Fellows Program has been put on hold due to budget constraints.

Application deadline: September 15 each year

This program is open to all ASU tenured and tenure-track faculty who are conducting original research in medieval and Renaissance studies. Each year, one faculty member from one of ASU's campuses will be selected by an ACMRS committee of three, which will include at least one member of the ACMRS Advisory Board, to receive a one semester teaching reduction of the following academic year. The faculty member's courses during the award period will be taught by an ACMRS Visiting Distinguished Professor, who will be selected in consultation with the faculty member and the ACMRS Director. Within a month of completion of the fellowship, the faculty member will submit a brief (200- to 500-word) progress report on her or his project to the Director of ACMRS, and in the semester following the fellowship, he or she will give a 40-minute presentation on the project in ACMRS's ad hoc lecture series.

Applications will consist of 1) a 500-word project description, including a statement of the purpose, scope, and significance of the project, and an indication of expected outcome (e.g., publication with a particular press); 2) an updated CV; 3) the names and email addresses of two scholars (at least one external) who are willing to supply an informed assessment of the proposal; and 4), a letter from the head of the faculty member's academic unit indicating support for the exchange of teaching duties from the Faculty Fellow to the Distinguished Visiting Professor who will be assigned an appropriate course or courses in medieval and Renaissance studies to teach. These items should be sent to as email attachments with "ACMRS Faculty Fellows Program" in the subject line.

This fellowship will be rotated among faculty, disciplines, and departments as much as possible. All other things being equal, untenured applicants will be given preference. Recipients will be eligible again for the award three years after the completion of their fellowships. Any and all publications in any form resulting from receipt of this award must contain a formal acknowledgment of support from the ACMRS Faculty Fellows Program.

Past Awards