Awards & Grants

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  • ACMRS-ICMS Graduate Conference Fellowship
  • ACMRS offers a travel award for the outstanding paper written by an ASU, NAU, or UA graduate student working in any aspect of Medieval or early Renaissance Studies. This award will cover the expenses of the student to attend the International Congress on Medieval Studies held every year in May at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo.

  • ACMRS Graduate Travel Fellowships
  • ACMRS offers six travel/research fellowships of $500 for graduate student affiliates.

  • Undergraduate Book Award
  • ACMRS offers a $250 book award for any ASU, NAU, or UA undergraduate student who has excelled academically in the study of the Middle Ages and/or Renaissance and who expects to continue study in one of these areas at the graduate level.

  • Community Council Doctoral Research Abroad Scholarship

    The ACMRS Community Council will make a minimum of $1000 per council member available to support doctoral research abroad. It proposes to award one award of $5000 in its first year and, if feasible, two awards of $5000 each in its second year to support doctoral students whose research projects would benefit from the study of primary or secondary sources abroad.

  • Faculty Affiliates Conference Program

    This program will ensure that ACMRS faculty members are represented at the Renaissance Society of America Conference and at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

  • Faculty Fellows Program
  • This program is open to all ASU tenured and tenure-track faculty who are conducting original research in medieval and Renaissance studies. Each year, one faculty member from one of ASU's campuses will be awarded a one semester teaching reduction of the following academic year.