Kendra Brüning

Outreach & Media Coordinator

Kendra Brüning joined ACMRS in December 2010 and manages the Center's academic and awards programs, including coordinating the annual ACMRS Oxford and Prato Summer Study Abroad Programs and managing the undergraduate and graduate Medieval and Renaissance certificate programs. Kendra works with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Development Office to design and implement various fundraising strategies, marketing initiatives for ACMRS publications and the organization as a whole, and event planning. Kendra is the primary Department Time Administrator, overseer of website design, content management, and maintenance. She is also Acquisitions Editor for the ACMRS imprint, Bagwyn Books. She produces the ACMRS Newsletter on a monthly basis, compiles the ACMRS interdisciplinary course listings for certificate students every semester, and assists with ACMRS communications, support, and other special projects.