Angela Schrader

Business Operations Specialist

Angela Schrader joined ACMRS as the department’s Business Operations Specialist in September 2015. She graduated from ASU with her Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy in 1999 and has 15 years of accounting experience in various industries in the Phoenix area, working with both small and large companies to find logical solutions to their every-day accounting and financial tasks. She earned her second Bachelor’s degree at ASU in 2007 in Anthropology, with an emphasis on Archaeology. During the course of that program, she also participated in a study-abroad year at University College Cork, Ireland, in 2005-2006. She went on to graduate in May 2014 with her Master’s degree in English/Linguistics, with a focus on Historical Linguistics and a Master’s Certificate in Medieval Studies at ASU. In addition to her work with ACMRS in handling the department’s business and financial matters, Angela’s interests are focused on her studies in historical linguistics and medieval studies. She works with Old Norse, Old English, and Medieval Latin, and she is learning to speak Welsh. She enjoys researching all matters of a Norse and Celtic origin and examining their historical effects from a linguistic and archaeological point of view.

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