ACMRS Community Council

ACMRS was established in 1981 by the Arizona Board of Regents to promote the exploration of the Middle Ages and Renaissance at Arizona's three universities by supporting research, lectures, symposia, conferences, visiting professorships, and publications. A secondary purpose has been to broaden our concepts of what the Middle Ages and Renaissance are and what they mean to us today by taking a global view of the periods. In accomplishing these purposes, ACMRS, which is centrally housed at Arizona State University, exemplifies all eight of ASU’s design imperatives, especially Social Embeddedness and Global Engagement.

In March 2015, the Director of ACMRS, Robert Bjork, announced the formation of a Community Council to become part of the Center’s organizational structure with the mission to promote and broaden its central mission in the following ways:

  • Extend the reach of ACMRS by networking with local, state, and national leaders and community members to explain the mission, programs, publications, and impact of ACMRS.
  • Help promote ACMRS public events, lectures, presentations, and outreach programs to public schools, community colleges, private schools, and university partners.
  • Help promote ACMRS fundraising efforts.

Membership and Organization of the Community Council of ACMRS

  • The Community Council is made up of 15-20 members whose leadership roles in the community help to identify their potential for productive roles on the Community Council in support of ACMRS.
  • Members will be invited to participate and appointed by the Director of ACMRS to an initial term of two years; members may be reappointed to two-year terms at the discretion of the Director.
  • Members will be expected to make an annual contribution of at least $1,000 in support of ACMRS activities. Donations will be made to the ASU Foundation and restricted for the use and benefit of ACMRS.
  • Members will advise the Director on the best ways to reach out to the community and on the expenditure of funds that are related to promotion of ACMRS activities and programs.
  • Members will advise the Director on fundraising and help develop fundraising programs.
  • Members will be asked to identify and recommend for consideration possible new members of the Council.
  • In order to accomplish these functions, the Council will meet with the Director on a quarterly basis, and members will also be invited to attend the annual luncheon meeting of the greater ACMRS Advisory Board each February at the annual ACMRS conference.
  • In its initial year the Council will be chaired by a member appointed to that position by the Director of ACMRS. Thereafter, the Council will be convened and chaired by one of its members who will be elected by members of the Council to serve at least a one-year term.
  • The Community Council will in its first year develop its own By-Laws to govern the operations of the Council. These By-laws will be subject to approval by the Director of ACMRS before implementation.

If you’d like to become a member of the Council, please email the ACMRS Director at [email protected].

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