Vox Germanica: Essays in Germanic Languages and Literature in Honor of James E. Cathey

Edited by Stephen J. Harris and Michael Moynihan , et al.
2013 | 288 + xx pp. | 21 ills. | Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 978-0-86698-477-5 | MRTS 429
$65 | £52

Edited by
Stephen J. Harris, Michael Moynihan, and Sherrill Harbison

Vox Germanica celebrates the career and scholarship of James E. Cathey, who retired from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst after more than forty years of distinguished service. In this multifaceted Festschrift, colleagues from North America and Europe offer Cathey cultural and philological studies that complement his capacious interests in the languages and literary traditions of northwestern Europe. The studies range in time and place from Etruscan to the earliest Germanic inscriptions; from the literary monuments of Old English, Old Saxon, and Old Icelandic to modern works by Rilke, Cather, Wagner, and Søeborg; and from historical linguistics to recent changes in Norwegian phonology.

Table of Contents

  • Anatoly Liberman— Sound Change and Distinctive Features in Light of Dynamic Synchrony

  • Thomas E. Bredehoft— ‘Every Day’ Verses and Anacrusis in The Heliand

  • Thorstein Fretheim— Norwegian Accent Shift Triggered By the Negation Marker ikke: Is a Unitary Semantic Account Possible?

  • Marc Pierce— Evaluating the Evidence for Old Norse Syllable Structure

  • Douglas Simms— The Sun and the Saxon Irminsûl

  • Irmengard Rauch— Exapted ‘oh’: How Does It Fit into the Prosodic Hierarchy?

  • Thomas L. Markey— hlewagastiR Exposed

  • Stephen J. Harris— The Old English Digraph (dh)

  • Rex E. Wallace— An Etruscan Inscription Recovered Beneath the Northern Building at Poggio Civitate (Murlo)

  • G. Ronald Murphy— Yggdrasil and the Stave Church

  • Michael Moynihan— Images of the Germanic Drinking Hall in the Old Saxon Heliand

  • Craig R. Davis— A Mother from Hell: Love and Vengeance in Beowulf

  • Stephen E. Flowers— A Note on the Tripartite Treasure of the Nibelungs

  • Edward R. Haymes— ‘Herburt ok Hilldr’: A Tristan Parody in Þiðreks saga af Bern?

  • Alois Wolf— Die Egilssaga als isländische Ergänzung der Heimskringla

  • George C. Schoolfield— Rilke and Rurik

  • Sherrill Harbison— Willa Cather and the Scandinavian Revival

  • John Weinstock— Wagner’s Leitmotifs: A Counterpart of Sámi Yoik?

  • Frank Hugus— Some Thoughts about One Danish Novelist’s Observations of the Human Condition