Elizabeth I and the ‘Sovereign Arts’: Essays in Literature, History, and Culture

Edited by Donald Stump and Linda Shenk , et al.
2011 | 340 + xx pp. | 6 ills. | Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 978-0-86698-455-3 | MRTS 407
$70 | £45

Edited by Donald Stump, Linda Shenk, and Carole Levin

Elizabeth I and the ‘Sovereign Arts’ brings together eighteen wide-ranging and accessible essays on the queen and her extraordinary methods as a ruler. Focusing less on the usual sites of government than on more peripheral places where Elizabeth presented herself to her people and the world, the volume takes up early interactions with her family, popular representations of her as a mother, her use of poetry and oratory to persuade, her aims in elevating favorite men, and her constant interplay with her people through travels, tournaments, portraits, and literary works depicting her as a wise and divinely ordained ruler.

Table of Contents

  • Mary Hill Cole: Maternal Memory: Elizabeth Tudor’s Anne Boleyn

  • Janel Mueller with Carole Levin and Linda Shenk: Elizabeth Tudor: Maidenhood in Crisis

  • Sarah L. Duncan: The Two Virgin Queens

  • Retha Warnicke: Elizabeth I and Mary Stewart: Two British Queens Regnant

  • Catherine Howey Stearn: Grave Histories: Women’s Bodies Writing Elizabethan History

  • Carole Levin: All the Queen’s Children: Elizabeth I and the Meanings of Motherhood

  • Ilona Bell: Elizabeth Tudor: Poet

  • Steven W. May: Queen Elizabeth to Her Subjects: The Tilbury and Golden Speeches

  • Norman Jones: Elizabeth, Burghley, and the Pragmatics of Rule: Managing Elizabethan England

  • Susan Doran: Elizabeth and Her Favorites: The Case of Sir Walter Ralegh

  • Debra Barrett-Graves: Elizabeth I and Court Display

  • Anna Riehl Bertolet: Elizabeth I and the Heraldry of the Face

  • Vincent P. Carey: Elizabeth I and State Terror in Sixteenth-Century Ireland

  • John Watkins: Elizabeth Through Venetian Eyes

  • Tim Moylan: Advising the Queen: Good Governance in Elizabeth’s Entry Pageants into London, Bristol, and Norwich

  • Michele Osherow: ‘Give ear, O princes’: Deborah, Elizabeth, and the Right Word

  • Linda Shenk: Elizabeth I’s Divine Wisdom: St. Paul, Conformity, and John Lyly’s Endymion

  • Donald Stump: Abandoning the Old Testament: Protestant Dissent and the Shift in Court Paradigms for Elizabeth